Gala Productions also offers top to bottom event production. This includes entertainment, décor, and talent. We’ve handled large scale Mitzvah’s, corporate casino nights, and sponsored live web casts.


Gala Productions is proud to offer a variety of audio packages to fill your event venue with beautiful, high definition sound. Whether your event features a single performer, a top of the line DJ or a multi-piece band or orchestra, the team at Gala productions has the experience and expertise to fill the event space with high-quality audio.


Gala Productions is proud to offer a variety of video packages to bring full HD images to your private or corporate event. From still images and photographs to full HD video, the team at Gala Productions has the tools and expertise necessary to wow your audience each and every time.


Even the most beautiful piece of art will fail to make an impact without the right lighting. The team at Gala productions has produced beautiful lighting displays for many of the top theaters and events in New York City. Whether you are after a colorful light display for a show or simple, functional backlighting for a corporate event, the team at Gala Productions has the skills and tools necessary to light up your event.

Audio Equipment

1 Yamaha M7cl with PYM 16 Dougan card
4 JBL AC 18/95 Speakers
2 EAW UR-61 Speakers
12 JBL Control CRV Speakers
8 JBL Vertec 8″ Speakers and 2 JBL Vertec 15″ Speakers which create two front line arrays
1 Marantz Solid State Recorder PMD-580
1 BTR 800 wireless com receiver
4 BTR Wireless com belt pack w/ headset
1 RTS wired com base station
8 RTS wired com belt packs w/ headsets
4 Boom Stands
2 Short Boom Stands
2 Shure MX 418 gooseneck microphones
1 Shure Beta 52A
4 Shure SM58
4 Shure SM57
2 Shure SM81
2 Whirlwind IMP2
2 Whirlwind Direct 2
1 48 Channel XLR-Stage Box
All necessary cable including XLR, ¼”, RCA, and 1/8”

Video Equipment

2 Mac Minis version 2008
1 Mac Mini version 2014
1 – 1 Terabyte external hard drive for backup
1 Analog Way Smart Matrix ultra switcher
1 Analog Way Vertige controller
1 Aja Ki Pro dual hard drive video recorder
4 – 80” Video Monitors hung on 20” wall mounts throughout the space
2 – 60” Video Monitors
2 – 32” Video Monitors
1 Magenta Multi View splitter from VGA to Cat5e
1 Christie-M 10k Lumen HD Roadster Projector
1 1×4 DVI splitter
1 HDMI in to HD/SDI out converter
2 Magneta VGA to Cat5e transmitters
2 Magneta VGA to Cat5e e receivers
1 Micro Cue Wireless slide advancer with dual controls
The building is wired for 1080p input/ouput
All necessary cable including VGA, HDSDI, cat5e, DVI, HDMI

Lighting Equipment

1 GrandMa 2
1 GrandMa NPU
1 Opto splitter
12- 3 unit pinspot bars
2 ETC Sensor stage pin dimmer racks
1 ETC Sensor 48 Touring rack
1 400 amp power disconnect
1 200 amp power distribution
1 100 amp power distribution
12 ETC Lustr 2 19 deg LED unit
24 ETC Lustr 2 26 deg LED unit
24 ETC Lustr 2 36 deg LED unit
20 ETC Lustr 2 50 deg LED unit
6 ETC Lustr 2 70 deg LED unit
20 ETC Source 4 Mini 50 deg LED unit
8 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500
78 LED Flat Par