Gala Productions is proud to offer a variety of video packages to bring full HD images to your private or corporate event. From still images and photographs to full HD video, the team at Gala Productions has the tools and expertise necessary to wow your audience each and every time.


Gala Productions always uses the right tool for the job. Our Video inventory includes:


  • 2 Mac Minis version 2008
  • 1 Mac Mini version 2014
  • 1 – 1 Terabyte external hard drive for backup
  • 1 Analog Way Smart Matrix ultra switcher
  • 1 Analog Way Vertige controller
  • 1 Aja Ki Pro dual hard drive video recorder
  • 4 – 80” Video Monitors hung on 20” wall mounts throughout the space
  • 2 – 60” Video Monitors
  • 2 – 32” Video Monitors
  • 1 Magenta Multi View splitter from VGA to Cat5e


  • 1 Christie-M 10k Lumen HD Roadster Projector
  • 1 1×4 DVI splitter
  • 1 HDMI in to HD/SDI out converter
  • 2 Magneta VGA to Cat5e transmitters
  • 2 Magneta VGA to Cat5e e receivers
  • 1 Micro Cue Wireless slide advancer with dual controls
  • The building is wired for 1080p input/ouput
  • All necessary cable including VGA, HDSDI, cat5e, DVI, HDMI



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