The Gala Production event staging team has put designed, developed and hosted many of the most innovative public and private events in New York history. Gala Productions works exclusively with adaptable and versatile venues, giving us the opportunity to present your event in an exciting and inventive way that your guests have never seen before.


Gala Productions always uses the right tool for the job. Our Staging inventory includes:


  • 1 Lucite Podium with chrome sides
  • 1 Presidential Podium
  • 8 Music Stands
  • 2 4×6 platforms
  • 6 stage plug platforms
  • 2 36” stair units
  • 24 36” legs for platforms


  • 2 full apple boxes
  • 1 half apple box
  • 1 Step and Repeat Frame Kit
  • 1 Motor Control
  • 8 CM 1 Ton Motors
  • 1 Motor Control Skjoriberg CS-800 PD
  • The building is wired for both wireless and wired internet access.



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